What we do

What we do

Normatec Recovery

Normatec are the leaders in rapid recovery systems. The normatec boots help you recover faster between workouts by reducing muscle soreness and improving circulation allowing you to push harder and go faster with each training session!

Individual sessions and package deals available contact us for more information.


Everyday Athlete - Normatec Recovery

Indoor Cycling Training

Take your cycling training to the next level with our smart indoor trainer. Get the miles you need on your saddle while saving time and training with accurate power. Our Wahoo Kickr snap allows you to setup your own bike in our studio and train on either Rouvy or Zwift doing Free rides or structured training programs.

Individual sessions and package deals available contact us for more information.


Everyday Athlete - Spin Cycle Studio

Grucox Training

The Grucox Eccentric Trainer is an interactive leg training machine, which allows the user to combine eccentric and concentric exercises, while monitoring their performance data. In so doing this allows the user to optimize a training routine in order to achieve maximum strength gains in the shortest period of time.


Who should perform Grucox eccentric training?

  • Anybody wanting to strengthen and tone their leg muscles.
  • Runners and cyclist, as well as other sports people, will benefit from strength and balance and stability training on the Grucox bikes
  • Eccentric training is ideal for rehabilitation and prevention of muscle and tendon injuries
  • Treatment of conditions such as: Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome, Patella-Tendonopathy (Runners knee), Achilles Tendinopathy, Lower limb dysfunctions and weakness, Knee and Ankle ligament sprains
  • As the cardiac load is much lower, Grucox training is ideal for the elderly, cardiac rehabilitation, and other patients with reduced physical capacity.
  • Ideal for weight loss; Fat oxidation during eccentric cycling is greater than during normal cycling.

What is eccentric training?

During eccentric training the muscle elongates while trying to resist or slow down an opposing force.
The muscle produces an eccentric contraction when lowering a weight.
However, the Grucox bike is the only way to perform constant eccentric training.


What are the benefits of eccentric training on the Grucox?

  • Greater strength gains compared to conventional resistance training (concentric).
  • Eccentric training has been shown to prevent injury
  • Training on the grucox bike is more functional
  • Eccentric training improves muscle control
  • Eccentric training indices minimal cardiac load with maximal muscle strain/ effort
  • Low joint impact – ideal for older or ‘at risk’ clients

Individual sessions and package deals available contact us for more information.



Sports Massage

Our fully qualified Therapists will be able to offer sports rehabilitation and massage for treatment of any injury, or any injury maintenance work you may need. Weather it be a sporting injury or just simply tight or injured muscles you have from your day-to-day life. R200 for a legs only sports massage & R300 for legs and back sports massage. (No online booking please contact us directly)

Everyday Athlete - Sports Massage

Group Training

Our group training classes aren’t what you would find in a commercial gym. Join us to find out why.

Everyday Athlete - Group Training

Running instruction, technique
and coaching

Coaching you on the skill of running any speed or distance staying pain free. Through structured programs, strength training, mobility and flexibility work we can help you run further, faster or longer.


Everyday Athlete - Running instruction, technique and coaching