5 Things I learned in my first Marathon

Instead of one long post about my first marathon I have decided to do a series of short informative pieces

Here are five things I learned during the process of training for and completing my first marathon:


Always have a plan A, B and C…there are a lot of things that can happen on race day which are out of our control. Be prepared for the unexpected, no matter how well your training has gone on the day anything can happen.

Nutrition : I had done a number of practice runs and shorter races with my chosen race day nutrition so that even on the day when I needed more I knew exactly what to take in extra on the route.

Strength training is key and there is always room for more , a combination of weekly strength training and yoga helped with injury prevention and core strengthening which in turn improved my running efficiency.

Positive attitude from the start really goes a long way when running 42.2km. I believed in myself and my abilities but standing on the start line was filled with nerves. I used the first few kilometers to ease into the race and warm up and the nerves slowly went away.

Last but not least running is a team sport , yes sounds strange as we run as individuals but I had an amazing team from day one supporting and guiding me on this marathon journey.
Share your lessons with us and stay tuned to the blog and our social media pages for more posts about my first marathon!
– Dr Siraaj Solomon