Fynroot Crowd Funding Campaign


We’ve got a big garden to celebrate. It’s the only one of its kind in the world and we’re bringing our brand to South Africans as a florist of the future.

The goal of this crowdfunding campaign is to raise R20 000 to help expand the FynRoot business.

Who are Fynroot though?

At the heart of FynRoot Productions is HEALING and RESTORATION. Not only of the land and nature but of people and communities.

We are an all women for-profit social benefit organisation that benefits the environment. We believe in doing business differently with our second-life plant model that brings the joys and benefits of our products to the places that need it most in Cape Town. We aim to be more than just becoming less bad for the environment; we aim to be good for her. Invest in community and Fynbos restoration in Cape Town with FynRoot Productions.


By supporting the growth of FynRoot you are INVESTING in the healing and greening of communities and people. From dumpsites and trashed road verges to green walkways and peace gardens. These will act as epicentres for change, communication, peace and hope. With our partner, Communitree, FynRoot Production is leading a revolution…putting the power for real change, healing and Ubuntu in the hands of private corporations and individuals.

We have created four levels of support for you to choose from. This means everyone can get involved in supporting our business and their own Fynbos garden at home.

*Note all physical rewards/products are only available in Cape Town and will need to be collected in the Rondebosch/Southern Suburbs area.

FynRoot Crowdfunding raised so far R1150
R0 R20,000