The Answer is both! Keep Reading to find out why!

Most people know the Grucox trainer as device used for rehab but it can also be used for strength and conditioning. Established in 2003 the Grucox trainer is product of years of research.

It was a collaborative effort between orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapists and bio-medical engineers with the goal being to create a training device like no other that would change the way we train eccentrically.



During an eccentric contraction, the muscle elongates while under tension due to an opposing force. This muscle action occurs during everyday activities such as lowering a weight, walking down a hill or performing a squat. Rather than working to pull a joint in the direction of the muscle contraction, the muscle acts to decelerate the joint at the end of a movement or otherwise control there positioning of a load. Studies have shown that Strength training involving both eccentric and concentric contractions increase muscular strength more than training with concentric contractions alone this is exactly what the Grucox trainer allows you to do.


The Grucox Eccentric trainer employs a state of the art feedback system, which allows for accurate regulation of speed and torque as well as the precise measurement of the torque and power applied by each leg – giving the user a unique training experience.

From a Rehab perspective this is what the Grucox can be used for:


  • Knee and Ankle ligament sprains
  • Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome
  • Patella-Tendonopathy (Runners knee)
  • Achilles Tendinopathy
  • Post-operative rehabilitation
  • Lower limb dysfunctions and weakness
  • Targeted and General Rehabilitation
  • Injury prevention training
  • Condition Specific treatment
  • Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) training
  • Muscle Function Tests



We are really taking advantage of the strength and conditioning benefits of the Grucox trainer and we have seen great results personally and from our clients. From improving overall strength and fitness to working on specifics like strengthening for running uphill or downhill and improving explosive power for other sports.

Here are some of the strength and conditioning benefits:


  • VO2 Max and Function Threashold Power (FTP)
  • Strength and Endurance Tests
  • Targeted strength, power and endurance training
  • Targets Fast Twitch (white) muscle fibers
  • Enhances explosive muscle power and agility
  • Vastly improved muscle injury prevention
  • Low joint impact – ideal for older patients
  • Increases the body’s ability to synthesise collagen
  • Aids in structural responses.
  • Monitor performance of each leg individually
  • Enables targeted training sessions

We recommend two 30 minute sessions with some extra core & Plyometric training on your non intense running or training days. So if you’re in Cape Town contact us today to find out more information and book your session to get you training like the Everyday Athlete you are! (Package deals available and medical aid accepted)