Staying fit and active while on holiday -Ragmah Edwards

What you can; when you can; where you can – no equipment needed

While planning my first ever overseas trip I didn’t, for a second, consider how I’d stay fit while I was travelling. My thoughts were focused on the amazing places I’d see and the epic adventures I’d have while I was away. Little did I know that I’d be maintaining my fitness throughout my two week holiday.

I was asked to write about this part of my travels so here goes!

So, my first tip is: walk. Walk to and from the subway or take inter-city busses to various attractions you want to see. Walk from your accommodation and explore the area you’re staying in on foot. Also, find nearby restaurants and cafés and walk to them. Finally, it turned out that many of the places we wanted to visit required lots of walking to get from one point to another. Tianmen Mountain and Zhangjiajie National Forest Park are two of the main tourist attractions in Hunan province of China. If you visit the area you must experience these two places but be warned; walking is mandatory.

My second tip is: run. A short run every second or third day on your trip is another sure way to maintain your fitness level. These runs don’t have to have a set distance or time. It can either happen in the morning before your day gets started or in the evening to unwind after a busy day being a tourist. I always prefer morning runs as it gets my day started on a positive note and I’m on an endorphin high for the rest of the day!

My third tip is: exercise. No, I don’t mean find a gym or have a set time to workout! I was lucky enough to find outdoor gyms and parks in China where people came to run and workout. I didn’t do this though haha. While I was waiting for a train I found a step a I did step ups and squat jumps. These two exercises form part of almost every one of my twice a week strength training sessions with @everydayathletect. You can workout anywhere and at anytime so next time you’re bored while waiting for a flight, bus or train just find a step and start!

Finally, my fourth tip is: eat as healthily as you can. I know what you’re thinking. I’m on holiday. Why on earth will I try and eat healthily? But believe me; if you’re as conscious of your eating and lifestyle habits as I am then you’re not going to want to undo any healthy habits you’ve developed over a few years just for a few weeks on holiday. My trip to China meant that halaal protein would be few and far between so I ate vegetarian options mostly and a lot more carbs than I usually would. Also, I ate a lot of luxury snacks but these were offset with fresh fruit daily and lots of water throughout the day. Being on holiday didn’t mean my eating habits would go on holiday too 😉

Those are my four most important tips for staying active while on holiday. Keep in mind what I said at the beginning: do only what you can, when you can and where you can. You are on holiday so your priority is having fun and enjoying your adventure ♥️ – Words By Ragmah Edwards