This Weeks Speed work was short and sweet! 30 Minutes to be exact and it included some spicy 🌶 90 second efforts at 5k target pace (sub 4min/km)

The session felt comfy but I definitely needed this easier week after a long run in the mountain on Sunday. After a short cross country training session with my nieces I headed to Rondebosch Common to do my own training. I decided to do 5 of my fast hard efforts on the grassy trails of the Rondebosch Common (which were way less congested) and 2 on the pavement here’s why:

💪🏽 Greater Stability. Since grass surfaces are more unstable than the road or a track, you’ll work your stabilizer muscles.

🤕 Fewer Injuries. The softer surface of grass means less stress on your feet and lower legs, which can reduce your risk of stress fractures or shinsplints.

🦅 More Freedom. Moving your workout from the track to grass can take away the pressure you might feel to hit specific times for specific distances. Instead, you run hard for a predetermined amount of time rather than for a given distance.

🛣 Why 2 reps on the pavement? It was Great to feel the difference between the soft surface and the hard surface, coupled with the sure footing, combine to give you an effective push-off with every stride.

Yes your intervals run on grass might be a tad bit slower than those run on the road or on a track but it can really make you a stronger runner. By adding a grass speed session once in a while you force your body to work harder to overcome the slower surface.


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