Welcome to my online training journal where I will be sharing my experience of training for my first Marathon

So I’ve been running for about 3 years with Brimstone Itheko SAC and have decided to take up the challenge and train for a marathon. I still feel like a newbie when it comes to running and have a lot to learn. I never felt the pressure to run a marathon but feel I am ready to give it a go.

Coming from a medical background I guess I’ve been programmed to look at things scientifically and evidence based , so a lot of research has gone into running a marathon before the training even began.

I decided to start a training cycle of 16 weeks with the end goal being to run Cape Town Marathon on 23 September 2018. Key areas I will be focusing on will be strength training , nutrition and endurance.

Strength training: I always feel this is something that gets neglected and here I speak from personal experience. Key benefits would be injury prevention and to improve running efficiency. The sessions will include strength training group sessions , yoga and GRUCROX eccentric training.

Nutrition: Always an important topic and very person specific. From my time on the lifestyle commission at Itheko I’ve learnt a lot of tips from various speakers but at the end of the day you have to see what works for you and stick to that.

Endurance: having done two 30Km races earlier in the year , I am yet to experience the dreaded hitting the wall which happens somewhere between 30km and 35km.

I have also started keeping a training log / notebook. To keep track of my training runs and how I felt before or after each run. This will also help for future marathon training cycles. Already I have noticed with the increased mileage it helps if you have a tight running group with similar goals as it helps to keep you motivated and focused. The solo runs can be tough mentally especially when running on tired legs. But even with the early mornings , late night runs followed by strength training or yoga, i am still enjoying my running which is so important and have the support of my family 100%

So far I have completed 4 weeks of the 16 week cycle the first two weeks being much lower mileage as I decided to sign up for my clubs pilot program after the 2nd week as I felt it would best help me achieve my goal time on 23 September. Follow us on instagram for more daily updates @Siraaj_runningdoc & @everydayathletect for my next post! #CTMARATHON #mustrunit – Words By Siraaj Solomon