Instagram is probably the worst place to be when you’re hungry after a tough workout. Some how everything looks way too delicious and like a mission to make but sometimes its actually way easier than it looks.

A while ago I stumbled across a video on Instagram of a guy who highly recommended these pancakes as a good post training meal and treat… it made so much sense and all he used was hand ground oats (yes he used his hands too actually grind them😂) , banana and egg… It’s the best post training meal for me me as it ticks my boxes. Healthy, filling and easy. For a little extra boost you can always add some honey, almonds, cranberries, bananas or any fruit you like.

Ingredients :
As these are meant to be healthy. .. clean eating pancakes i used my own home made flour (very proud of this😆)
●about a quarter cup of regular oats (not quick cooking oats)
●about 3 table spoons linseeds
●about quarter cup of coconut flakes (you could toast them before)
I only used these ingredients but you can add anything you like eg. Quinoa,almonds, cashew nuts etc

I tried grinding the flour by hand which didn’t work as well as the guy in the video I did the next best thing.  I used the milling blade for my Nutribullet and it worked perfectly. Throw all of this into a blender and mill away! So once you’re done making your own flour you only need a few more ingredients.

●half cup of flour
●one scoop of whey protein
●one whole banana mashed
●quarter cup of cooked oats
●one egg
●some milk to loosed the mixture when it gets too thick…

(add a tablespoon of peanut butter for added protein yumminess)

I like to get my pan reasonably hot so i get that heating up while I’m doing my prep. I smear the pan with butter… lightly though. I dollop a quarter cup or approximately that amount of batter into the pan and leave it. I wait for tiny bubbles to appear before i even think of flipping them. Each side only needs a few minutes and you can judge they’re ready!

If you decide to try out this recipe please let us know in the comments bellow or tag us on Instagram @EverydayAthleteCT Alternatively you can always try it out and bring it to our office to judge your cooking skills!

PS. Send us your recipes and we will get Zena to try them out!

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