Wings for Life – App Run – @ZiyaadSolo

On sunday I tried something a little different, A global app run!

The Wings for Life World Run is a global charity event with a unique, and uniquely fun, format.

It’s a worldwide run where everybody starts simultaneously and the finish line chases you!

Here’s how it works: On one day each year, the Wings for Life World Run takes place at event locations across the planet. Everybody starts at exactly the same moment, 11am UTC (1pm in South Africa). Whether it’s day or night, bright sun or pouring rain at your location – you’re running together with the world and sharing an amazing experience. Your name shows up on a global result list, too!

Every cent raised goes to cutting-edge research.

When you participate in the Wings for Life World Run, you know you’re making an impact. 100% of all entry fees and all donations raised through fundraising campaigns go directly to life-changing spinal cord research projects and clinical trials at renowned universities and institutes worldwide. The nonprofit Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation is a driving force behind the mission, and Red Bull covers the foundation’s administrative costs in full as well as costs for the Wings for Life World Run.

You could choose between three options:

1. A run hosted in various cities with an actual catcher car driving behind you and when it catches up to you your race is done.

2. Organized app Run where someone has planned a loop route and everyone signs up online and meets on the day. the app lets you know how far away the catcher car is and lets you know when you have been caught.

3. Solo app run the same as above but you run wherever you are.


I opted for the organized app run in Sea Point and it really was more special than the usual promenade run. There were about 40 to 50 other runners and two of them were wheel chair athletes. Our route was along the Sea Point Promenade starting at the lighthouse with the turn around just before the pool. My goal was to run between 15km and 20km and I managed just over 17km. I did a 10km road race that morning so this was a lot of mileage for me in one day but I loved every minute of it. After 10km I started feeling the fatigue in my legs but I didn’t want to give up. I was determined to keep moving till the catcher car caught me. I kept reminding myself why we were there and that we were running for those who cant and raising money for an amazing cause. As I was running I realized how blessed I am to be able to swim, bike and run almost everyday. This really kept me going with the help of Ragmah we ran together along the promenade for almost two hours. I would highly recommend doing the wings for life run with the real catcher car or the virtual one. It adds a unique twist to running as you have to check your lead and really pace yourself because every 30 minutes the car picks up speed. Hope you will join us next year!